Yellow Nitro-Flame Redline Restoration and Custom Paint

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A .5oz. bottle of our Specially Formulated Redline Restoration Paint. Take your Customs and Restoration projects to the next level with our Nitro-Flame paint line. We custom color-match our paints to the original Redline colors, and the results are stunning! Depending on your spray rig, number of coats and your airbrush attack, this bottle can cover between 5 and 15 cars.

Redline Paint Restoration requires a polished casting prior to having the paint applied. That brilliant Redline Paint look happens when the reflective polished casting can be seen through the transparent “Candy” Nitro-Flame Paint colors!

Each bottle contains highly concentrated “uncut” paint, which requires thinning before use with a Medium Temperature Reducer which we offer in our eBay store. Any good quality automotive paint reducer will work with our paints.

Brightvision paint is formulated from Automotive Paint Systems. It can be used with common catalysts (hardeners) and does not require clear coat, although many people use a clear coat for a final finish. We also offer Hardener.