Catalyst Nitro-Flame Redline Restoration and Custom Paint Hardener

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A .5oz. bottle of our Special Paint Hardener. Our hardener can be added to any of our Nitro-Flame colors to add a level of toughness to your project finish!

NOTE: Adding hardener is not mandatory for our Nitro-Flame Paint System. However, some people add our hardener to their paint jobs to get the maximum strength in their color coat.

We recommend a ratio of one part hardener to every ten parts of paint (1:10). That ratio can be increased to your preference, not to exceed one part hardener to every part paint (1:1).

Our Hot Pink paint requires 1 part hardener to 2 parts paint (1:2) to obtain that glossy translucent Hot Pink look.

Brightvision has been making Nitro-Flame paints since 2001. Restorers and Customizers depend on our high quality paints for their projects. Now you have access to the most sought after brand in Redline Paints!